I’ve forgotten you …..

My life has been extremely busy ! It’s been so long since I’ve even done an update that I’m sure I won’t remember to mention everything and everyone – if you are left out — TRY HARDER.
I’m leaving on Tuesday to go home to Michigan for five days ! dumb bob popped for the car rental charges of $370 – we will be visiting superdave’s family for one day/night, and then on to My families for a wedding. I’ll be mobile for that CASH only.
Also, in other news — I’m moving at the end of the month. After four years of being downtown in the city, I’m over it. over it over it over it. The new no smoking ban in all bars in the city has forced people outside onto the sidewalks everywhere, and the noise level has risen by 100%. I can no longer deal ! It’s a bigger place, but I’m about to miss My closet that I had to build in My current place. We will see, but it looks like I’ll be doing some massive purging !!! Of course with a new place – the costs associated with a move will be paid for by YOU. It was an unexpected find, so I wasn’t really mentally prepared to move — and it happened very quickly, but I’m really happy to be leaving the downtown city !
So, let’s see what’s been going on - My hollywood has TOP notch status ! when My little cucksissy gets a bonus, so do I. so on top of his weekly $1000 Tributes, he’s also gifted Me with several pressies from My Amazon wishlist and another $1k – because he knows he can’t resist ! you losers should be very jealous, because hollywood gets a lot of My time, from text messages and phone calls to exclusive candid photos. HAHHAHA. his only regret ? That he didn’t start SOONER !!! now that’s just ridiculously hot :D we even get into spats. it’s quite adorable :D but always, he falls victim to MY charm and devious greedy mind. We are thinking of a Korean tattoo to bind him further to MY whims and greed. CASH is always what I want MOST – you wouldn’t think so because of the length and abundance that is MY wishlist, but it’s sooooo true.
whiney has come and gone – annoying the hell out of Me until just last night, but I’m sure he’ll act up again and be begging to be blackmailed and hung out to dry. he had to be taught a little lesson last week, and it cost him, but that’s what he gets ! he had to purchase a new table and chair set as punishment for his gross actions :D Offending and picking a fight with My dear friend HaughtyFemDom is NOT the way to stay in line – and you paid didn’t you ? whiney had to pay for Apple TV and an adaptor for her PS3 !!! During the last few weeks of service though – he’s been better than he’s ever been before when he comes begging – so at least that has improved. he wasn’t late ONE time with his weekly obligations, but he did cause some trouble ! Another favorite gift from him was My new Schwinn crusier bike. It’s awesome, and came pretty much assembled – it took superdave about 30 mins to put it together. It rides verrrrry smooth, and I’ve been riding about twice a day to the Arch and back which is about 4 miles. It’s a ton of fun, and I’m very pleased with it !
Schwinn Cruiser & Basket from whiney
I also had whiney pick up ALL the accessories for the bike, including two neat bike seats, two insulated water bottles ( pictured above ) a universal bike tool, air pump ( wrong kind, returned ) bike lock, and TWO different baskets for each of My dogs. he also bought Me a new crossbody Coach bag, several dresses, and a pair of GZ’s that were on sale, and actually ended up being a favorite pair !!!
GZ's from whiney
Also since I’ve last posted — little marky came back for about two weeks – he completely overspent :D tehehehe. I squeezed almost $1500 of cash and pressies out including a new Canon Powershot Elph – I’ve soooo missed it’s features !!! I love the Samsung, but the Canon just reacts faster – and I love the color accent feature that I can only get on a canon =) verrrry happy with that gift. but ultimately he disappointed Me by getting overly excited and promised what he couldn’t deliver. until next time marky ….. =) tehehehehe – NO PIC bc I cant find it. I’ll add it to the next update
boobiezombie spent about $200, agpayvictim I took for at least $600 — the actual number eludes Me. he falls deeper and deeper into MY web … it’s that kind of slow drain that is SOOOOOO hot ! he’s off the hook for My trip in October – so I’m sure I will assign him a big ticket item for MY new place. I love giving him goals – he works well for them to be made and hasn’t failed ME yet ( like some of you bitches ) My sissybear bought ME two new dresses that I LOVEEEE – no photo though – I got lazy – and also sent several amazon gift certicates which please ME – MOREEEEE :P hahhaha fucktoy was on fire the other night with $1900 spent in GC’s and CLIPVIA tributes, and I didn’t even go on CAM. HAHAH just kept sending photos of MY lucious ass, and he couldn’t resist. I love fucking MY fucktoy that’s for sure ! random $200 via CLIPVIA again for a boy who will be nameless who has been wanting to see Me on cam since Glamworship days, and then at the end, we both decided we weren’t matched. WHY ? Because I really have no interest in cam to cam, and when I do its because I’m screen shotting you —— but I’m not the type who wants to see you put bengay on qtips and then put them in your dumbstick, no I don’t want to see you piss yourself. I’m too involved with ME :D I know .. I’m totally self absorbed – damn right I am. I’m not saying I will NOT cam to cam, I have and will in the future once in a while, but not My bag, so when you ask Me to see your cam — just know I’m hurling inside, and that you will be paying a PREMIUM tribute for such ! peter came around and sent $100 too.
Other surprises include a mango order and new bathrugs from twitter admirer <3 I love waking up to his DM’s on twitter to tell Me he’s purchased something. he never seeks attention or drama. the maxi dress he got Me is SOOO comfy and perfectttt length !
Mango Order from twitter admirer
I also received from AGsbitch the new Ipad 2 – 32G. It’s pretty awesome !!!!! he’s My little apple boy. he’s already bought Me one of the two exisiting Ipad 1′s that I have. and also bought My Iphone4 in Feb. HAHAH I love it. I enjoy keeping him broke so he doesn’t slut around, but they ALWAYS find a way to slut around don’t they ? teheheheh.
IPAD 2 & Leather Cover from AG'sbitch Ipad2 - $720 !
More goodies include the following :
Vera Bradley overnight bag and King size sheets from My hollywood
MagicFlightBox from marky, polish and 24k Gold mask from hollywood
one of the baskets whiney got ME - modeled by AbigailLOVE this device. thank you JAPPYPRINCESS for recommendation
from whiney & Twitter admirer
Coach flippies from MY hollywood !
RayBan sunnies for superdave from whiney
Splendid Bikini from sissybear's GC
Coach bag from whiney. VeraBradley fanny pack from hollwood. hat from Twitter Admirer
LOVE this silk maxi dress from whiney
diesel shorts from twitter admirer, yoga & screen protectors from AGsbitch
Mango dress from whiney - LOVE IT
LOVE this device. thank you JAPPYPRINCESS for recommendation
Expensive LaPerla from hollywood ( clip released on Kinkbomb and Clipvia )
As you can see, I’ve been busy collecting pressies !!!! My Amazon Wishlist is a mere ( edit ! ) SIX THREE items away from 3,400 Items Purchased !!!! It’s THE wishlist to be on. Other lovely ladies are gaining on Me fast — so push Me over the edge. I won’t be as active with it after I move and get all the things I want from that — I’ll let another lady take over THE top spot where I sit now — aren’t I sweet ? tehhehehhee.
I’ve spent a TON of time at the pool this year already. I’ve hit SixFlags twice already. Once with LuxxuryPrincess and once with MsPerfectPeds. I plan on ONE more time this year — but probably during Fright Fest in October to ride at night. I’ll be busy this month though packing and purging – but I MUST have MY pool days. I miss WATER so badly in the summer. FRESH WATER — NOT river water. lol ewwwwwwwwwww.
I deserve $$ MORE $$
As you can see, I’ve been bussssssy !!! BUT I did upload to KINKBOMB and CLIPVIA STORES this week, and have already begun to see some action. I’ve released FOUR clips on Clipvia and two on KinkBomb ( so far ) If you are a special boy, you’ve already received these – and even MORE special boys got their own custom audio to the clips :D The latest clips are 1. TOES, SOLES and ASS and 2. BIKINI & LaPerla. I haven’t uploaded them to Niteflirt yet, but I hope to do that before I leave to Michigan so you can click and pay while I’m away !


Reminder : you work for ME. you are a drone. you are MY victim. you do NOT have choices, you do NOT have options. you are a weak male who needs Me to drain and abuse you. This is what you were BORN to do. you may deny it for long periods of time — but you know better than anyone — you will always fall OFF the wagon, right into MY Greedy arms …. I will always be BALLS deep in your wallet. always.
Sole Glow. Don't resist. GIVE $$
Also, I believe that the RETREAT for Dommes has been called off. I can’t believe how much HATE mail I got about if this person goes, they won’t be going, and they can’t afford it ( can’t read when I wrote NO BROKE BITCHES ? ) so HaughtyFemDom and I will be keeping it to a group of no more than 5 Ladies who want to work together and relax someplace paid for by you =) suck it
I feel like I’m forgetting something — so if I am, sorry – I’m already bored writing this. GO SHOPPING NOW!!!!!!

As usual ……

you have to wait …….

I’m a Ninja, I’m a hoodie Ninja

I know, I know. I am also disappointed in My lack of motivation to update this blog. I’m not sure if it’s been the weather, or what – but it’s becoming a problem !
So, let’s just get right into it ! bingie has ended his binge on a positive note with a lovely $500 release fee, an amazon shopping spree, and of course the delivery of My second macbook ( $1100) a new Taylor guitar ! ($800) the guitar is gorgeous. I only took a photo of the box so I’ll upload another at some point. I had a handheld dyson assigned to him, but he was being such a pussy about the cost of the guitar, that I told him I would think it over a few days and then poof he was gone and release fee paid before I was able to re assign it. sneaky bingie ! Im letting that shit go though, because there is ALWAYS another round of binging from bingie ! he ALWAYS says he’s done with Financial Domination every time his binge ends, but we both know better — he’s still on My subscriber list and on My twitter list :D tehehe.
the one that shall not be named paid his punishment fee, which was 1k, but I forgot I made it a higher fine because of his pissy attitude about it, and he paid $1500 via ClipVia :D I always win — EVEN if I have to WAIT. It’s So worth it too ! little boy got really pissed for a hot minute and threatened to chargeback on ME, but that was QUICKLY taken care of. I wish this boy could get his emotions TOGETHER. cha ching into My bank account though, so YAY Me. Boo you !
tried and true hollywood has been TEARING IT UP and he’s totally right – MONEY NEVER SLEEPS !! he’s been faithfully depositing his $500 every Friday ! W/we are planning a trip soon for him to visit STL soon – and it’s going to be a doozy. gonna slut HER all up and take her out for some dick sucking and total domination of his wallet and accounts. HAHHAHA it’s SO much fun being ME. we’ve had some fun fun fun online sessions lately — she’s going to be getting OH SO pretty and then DUMPED on. bahahhahah !!!!!! SHE has done MORE shopping on My wishlist and on MY VS wishlist. Im also deciding on having him or agpayvictim pay for a 3 night 4 day stay in Myrtle Beach in the next few months because I’m taking My bestie to the beach for a few days so she can get some relaxation time in. I’ve found an AMAZING 2bdrm suite for on the cheap $1300 for three nights. that’s pretty sick ! I can’t wait. airfare has ALREADY been covered. now it’s just about booking :D
Speaking of travel, I’ve been in the works with HaughtyFemDom to host something of a Domme Getaway and Networking extravaganza sometime at the end of the year, early 2012. ONLY the most elite and well known Dommes will be invited. No broke frontin bitches allowed. We are currently working on the blogsite for this – and will have POLLS about details, like do we stay in North America or tropical ? Who’s got passports ? We would really like this to be a REAL chance to network, cultivate and celebrate the Female Dominant. We think it would be a great opportunity to cross film, network, WORK together and cross promote. Obviously we understand that not everyone of the Top Dommes gets along, or that there is some drama. If you’re invited and you have an issue with another Domme who is invited – put your big girl panties on and deal with it. This is a drama free networking extravaganza ! Of course, if you are invited and don’t wish to cross promote or work with others, then you are free to do what you want – laze in the sun, shop, drink. Once we get a total headcount, I’ll be able to work on group discounts at a hot resort, or you can go high roller and get your own suites/rooms. So be on the lookout for the new blogsite announcement, and if you have any questions, you can contact Me at mzasiangoddess@aol.com – We are not in any way going to make a penny of this trip btw.
Another upcoming travel point is SLAVE ANDY is coming into town next week ( wed ) and guess who’s going to be busting his balls live ? Me Me Me !!! I’m also bringing with Me @LuxxuryPrincess and @MsPerfectPeds — they will be having their own sessions with andy — foot worship ( I may do that) with PP and of course, LP is the QUEEN of MEAN, so she will be doing some toliet humiliation scenes with andy. No, I’m not opening a c4sale. I WILL probably sell the clips, but at a much higher rate than andy, so it’s probably best to buy it on his c4sale. We will have all of our NF lines on during the session so feel free to call in and wank your stupid jerk stick. HAHHAHA. I’m pretty excited. I haven’t ball busted in a few YEARS at least — so I’m really excited to be a part of it, while getting My girls more exposure, which is really My main concern with it all.
AAA ( pasty slave) came crawling back on his knees for My Attention last week — #fricam is always a hit ! – and paid $500 via Greendot. he still owes ME some benji’s though for our PAST Anniversary !! OH and I guess if he wants RELEASE. how long has it been now ? HAHHAHAHHA a long ass time !!! Also, while #fricam was on — I took agpayvictim for $360 and sissybitch for $100. little blackmailaddict also crawled to Me to ask to buy another pair of heels, so I gifted him with a $225 pair he could buy, and he did — I WAS going to give him 5-6 photos of ME in said shoes, but he flaked out on Me last week – so fuck him. :D HAHAHA. $100 from brian because he can’t resist :D and another $300 from jerkjack ! I also shopped with aussie oinkers !!! he’s so much fun to shop with !!! he LOVES putting Me in sexy panties, bras and bikinis. but really… who doesn’t ?
I know I’ve missed a ton .. but that should hold you over for now. here is a SHIT TON of photos !!!

LOL I didn’t realize how MUCH stuff I recently got :D it’s a good thing I did a massive purge of MY shoes, clothes and makeup in the last few weeks. now the space I did clear out is already FULL. Ooo also TwitterAdmirer got Me this great body pillow and case. its amazing !!!! and that’s the way I like it drones ! Get ME MORE and MORE and MORE !!!! Bills are up for grabs ! cable and cell need PAYMENT in FULL bitches. By the way, My Amazon wishlist is the TOP purchased list at the moment !!! Congrats to ME bitch ! 3276 items purchased !

you ARE an addicted victim …

Hello, Goddess Karen,Please abuse me, Goddess Karen.Please take advantage of me, Goddess Karen.
Please treat me with contempt, Goddess Karen.
Please shit on me, Goddess Karen.
Please treat me any way you want to, Goddess Karen.
Your abuse slave,
bitch bingie
Not a problem at all. HAHHAHAHAH :D I’m expecting My second MACBOOK PRO from bingie today. it’s currently out for delivery. HAHAHHA he was LATE with MY Daily Devotion yesterday so he had to PAY of course. HAHAH $200 yesterday and another $200 today. I’ve also assigned him a new dyson and a TAYLOR guitar. he WILL be buying ASAP. :D :D:D HAHHAHA – there are some other things on there too I want picked up — plus he will be paying his RELEASE fee !! HAHAH GET TO WORK BITCH. I WANT = YOU GIVE.
EDIT — just picked up from My UPS box from bingie. :D I love being spoiled !
from bingie !
Last night – aussie oinkers made an appearance in MY IM box, and he bought ME some new bras and panties from MY wishlist :D which, by the way climbed up to3216 by this morning since My last update ! HAHHAHA I love all you pathetic BOYS.
BEST BOY ( or should I say girl ) spent a shit ton this week – HOLLYWOOD sent $3600 the last 4 days. plus spent $300 on MY Victoria Wishlist and also another $5-600 on MY Amazon wishlist !!! HAHAH I’ve invited him here to STL to start his sissification !!! HAHAH it’s going to be an expensive trip, bc you KNOW I’m going to include My girls – LuxxuryPrincess and MsPerfectPeds. gonna pimp this bitch outtttttttt !!!! HAHHAHAHAH that $500 a week went up pretty quick :P I’m also on his life insurance and soon I’ll be on his direct deposit for a CHUNK of his earnings. HAHHAAH it should ALL got to ME I think. HAHHAHAHAH
MORE bitches MORE !!!

HAHHAAH so yeah — was a GREAT week and only looking forward to raping and abusing you money slave addicted fetish boys even more in MAY. HAHHAHAHA

More dribble !

LOL is this IDIOT MONTH ??? it must be, and I didn’t get the memo !
Marc Erlandson (4/26/2011 12:47:56 AM): hello
Marc Erlandson (4/26/2011 1:10:12 PM): Hi Goddess Karen, I know I’ve been IM’ing you without money a lot lately, but I’ve been saving up and now I’m pleased to tell you I have 2,350 to give you through greendot ( he’s left four offline messages since 4.1.11)
Marc Erlandson (4/26/2011 1:10:18 PM): please let me be your bitch
TheAsianGoddess (4/26/2011 1:50:42 PM): Yeah I doubt it.
Marc Erlandson (4/26/2011 8:49:00 PM): I do, sincerely
TheAsianGoddess (4/26/2011 8:50:18 PM): then do it. DUH.
Marc Erlandson (4/26/2011 8:50:38 PM): well, I thought I needed your permission to serve you
TheAsianGoddess (4/26/2011 8:51:02 PM): just bc you tribute dosen’t mean you serve Me. it means you could possibly serve Me
Marc Erlandson (4/26/2011 8:51:18 PM): but the tribute is >2grand
TheAsianGoddess (4/26/2011 8:51:25 PM): so ?
TheAsianGoddess (4/26/2011 8:51:46 PM): first of all, I dont believe you. this is all bullshit until the money pak numbers are applied to My account
Marc Erlandson (4/26/2011 8:52:05 PM): i don’t want to give it unless it means I can be your bitch
TheAsianGoddess (4/26/2011 8:52:21 PM): then I dont want it
TheAsianGoddess (4/26/2011 8:52:22 PM): BYE
Marc Erlandson (4/26/2011 8:52:26 PM): wait
Marc Erlandson (4/26/2011 8:52:27 PM): fine ok
Marc Erlandson (4/26/2011 8:52:28 PM): you win
Marc Erlandson (4/26/2011 8:52:42 PM): NO I WILL GIVE IT
Marc Erlandson (4/26/2011 8:52:46 PM): PLEASE SIGN BACK ON
Marc Erlandson (4/26/2011 8:52:47 PM): PLEASE I BEG
TheAsianGoddess (4/26/2011 8:53:12 PM): THEN GO GET IT
Marc Erlandson (4/26/2011 8:53:31 PM): please just take me off of ignore, I’ll do it, I guarantee it
TheAsianGoddess (4/26/2011 8:54:11 PM): yeah right
Marc Erlandson (4/26/2011 8:54:33 PM): no, I want you to beg for it slut.
TheAsianGoddess (4/26/2011 8:54:46 PM): ah
Marc Erlandson (4/26/2011 8:55:08 PM): look at you, a modern prostitute, naked on the side of yahoo ( actually I’m wearing sweats and a tshirt )
TheAsianGoddess (4/26/2011 8:55:11 PM): thanks for wasting 40 seconds of My life. bye bye.
Marc Erlandson (4/26/2011 8:55:18 PM): pathetic life you have ( who are you yoda bitch ? )

April showers brings out timewasters ….

Yes it seems that way … time has just really slipped away from Me this month !!! I’ve had out of state guests 3 weeks in a row, family in and out, MsPerfectPeds and Me went to the haunted mansion again with Princess Stacey this time ! Luxxury Princess had other plans so she couldn’t go this time around, and probably a good thing – bc things were extra spooky this time ! I’ve got 21 photos of orbs and one with a mist ! craaaaazzzzzy !!!!! There was also a crazy storm that night with a lot of hail, and that made it even scarierrrrrr =)
Lately I have been getting the strangest emails. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were the same person, but regardless, I guess, after seven years I still need to remind you losers that I’m a Financial Domme. I will not give you attention or the time of day without CASH. Why would ANY woman in their right mind want to dominate, humilate or even TALK to you for free ? what is it you can’t grasp ? UGH. I haven’t had a string of this much non sense in a while, I guess My last blog entry spurred you idiots into showing your intelligence …. which, is. not. much.
” Dear Asian Goddess
I have studied Your profile for a while now.I keep on coming back to see if i can learn more about You………Basically, it is, should i be serving You now and leave my current financial Owner, or should i progress???

I have been serving for a while now as a Financial piggy/slave and i feel compelled to Serve………………

You may ask why do i feel compelled to Serve, well firstly i have been chaste now for nearly 3 years, this helps a lot,,,,,,why did i choose to go that route……basically because of certain shortcoming, compelling me to serve and to strive to serve better and better……..

Kind Regards
rick “
:: Clearly a copy and paste – look how the greeting is in a different font :: Can you idiots really not take the time to personally email a Domme you are interested in ?
and this gem — I’ve altered all of the text, bc he obviously wants to be a STAR on My blog — for free. YEAH RIGHT. But let Me be clear — this doesn’t impress Me at all. I do not care if you go suck a dick, you’re a fag, so what ? you’re a broke fag ? even WORSE. stop emailing Me this dribble. I lose 2 seconds of My precious life every time I have to delete it. click to enlarge if you really want.
Other people who have annoyed Me this month are as follows :
devotedatm4u – danny martin- while on teamviewer I did screen shot his personal information though :D his twitter is : http://twitter.com/littlepiggy111
::EDIT:: this little weasel thought he’d be a smart ass and tweet “ @theasiangoddess wow.. u got my personal info.. such as?? “ so, I msg’d him on yahoo and let him know ….
Danny Martin: holy fuckk
Danny Martin: please dont use that address… i live with my wife
TheAsianGoddess: bye bye stupid.
Danny Martin: comeon please
Danny Martin: let me pay you for this or something…
Danny Martin: are you going to use this information?
Danny Martin: please, im seriously fucked
Danny Martin: what do you want?
TheAsianGoddess: told you not to fuck with Me.
Danny Martin: i just want to make this right.. i cant have that info out inthe open
Danny Martin: im soooo sorrry
TheAsianGoddess: fuck off.
Danny Martin: but i worship you.. i adore you… please Goddess
:: I’ve concealed some of the info — but in case you dummies think I don’t know what I’m doing when on TeamViewer and fast I am with the SNIPPING TOOL ::

cuckoldpopstar - I was warned, and I gave him the benefit of the doubt. but that’s ok, I still got My $1200 ! hhahhahha.
boobiezombie – because he never paid his PUNISHMENT fee and was arrogant enough to say that he would’ve been back a long time before if he didn’t have to pay that fee. DUH. that’s why you are being PUNISHED. why would I lift a punishment fee – that you yourself said you would pay ( something like – you know I wouldn’t wank you Goddess ) - and then you NOT pay it and just show up in MY IM again ? wtf ? are you mental ?
Now, on to some things I actually DO want to talk about — ME =) I’m 11 items away from 3,200 items purchased on My Amazon wishlist ! That figure will be going up this week though — I’ve assigned some major binge items for bingeboy for his ” last ” week of service !!! hahahha including ANOTHER Macbook Pro :D I’m still waiting on some of his pressies to come in yet – including the brand new Panasonic Lumix digital camera !
bingie has been instructed to send ME daily devotions via email. I love them. I’m sure he has a hard time coming up with new daily’s – but I don’t care :D hahhaah it’s been an important tool ( even if he doesn’t think so ) for his service for now and the future. HAHHAHA. he’s so pathetic !! he’s also paid My cable bill last month and this month which was total of something like $500, My VS card balance, but that was only $130, I also had him pay for some LegalZoom stuff for $200, but the funniest bill he had to pay was this months cell phone bill. I thought maybe they charged Me for the broken iphone I hadn’t returned yet, but no that wasn’t the case. went over on minutes. So the bill was … are you ready for this ? $652. LOLOLOL. I had no idea. obviously I changed My plan :P heheh bananas !!!
Yeah, so bingie has another five days of service to Me … at the minium, so I KNOW I will have more to report on the next blog entry ….. even if his CC bill DID come and he can see the damage .. I don’t care. I WANT what I want, so therefore I will get it, and YOU will give it to ME :D bahhahahhaha
hehehe, My best girl, hollywood, right now is doing really well in MY service. I’ve been put on his life insurance, we are in the process of going direct deposit a percentage of his earnings that will go straight into My bank account, until then he is still making cash deposits directly into My account, and he set Me up on his bill pay so it can be instant — so no more waiting until the bank opens. bahhahaa !!! SO HOTTTTT !! I’m expecting a $3,000 deposit on Friday. I’m soooo stoked for that — I deserve THAT and SO much more and My sissy knows it !!! he’s gone shopping on MY Victoria Secret wishlist – but I don’t know what he has bought for Me, so I guess it will be a surprise :D tehehehe. he’s also picked up some items on My Amazon wishlist too. SHE spoils ME :D hahhaha
SHE was fined $100 for being late with MY last weekly Tribute !!! I am taking FULL control !!! SHE is going to start wearing panties EVERYDAY :D I have yet to see her prance around in her panties, and am almost bursting to see =) but I am SO patient. hahhahaha not.
$380 for electronic cigs and cartridges from bingie
AAA is having some personal issues and has taken a ” leave ” of absence. but he still owes ME for our Anniversary — and I won’t let him forget it either :D he will STILL be in chastity because he didn’t PAY to release it !!!! AG’sbitch has come back around to see if he can be loyal and faithful, he takes some work, and I don’t mind holding his bitch hand while he finds his way to the Most Perfect Light of all. ME :D he better be saving for MY new Ipad2 :D he is My apple boy !!! hahhahaha. he’s been picking off some lighter items on My wishlist which always makes Me smile, including the above ab thingy ! his emails always make Me giggle ! love it. I also took $400 from jack, but he’s laying low – or I just haven’t been avaliable to RAPE ! HAHAHAH – a blast from the past gave Me a $75 Victoria Secret Gift card, I used it in 3 seconds :P hehehe.
I love emails from bingie :
Hello, Goddess Karen,I didn’t dare contact you until your second bill was taken care of, Goddess Karen.Thank you for using me, Goddess Karen.Thank you for letting me pay your bills for you, Goddess Karen.
Thank you for ignoring me, Goddess Karen.
I worship you, Goddess Karen.
Your drooling slave,
bitch bingie
Again, above is an example of emails I am willing to receive and respond back to ( maybe – I SO enjoy ignoring binge boy !!! HAHAHAH )
Also, so that everyone knows. I am no longer with Glamworship – I was invited by MsTierra and of course I accepted, but as time went on – the site went from 8 girls to 25, some I’ve never even heard of, and I was under the impression that the site would only house the MOST exclusive, MOST well known Dommes on the ‘net. I also noticed that the marketing had really been slacking in terms of tweeting and blogging – after a conversation with some of the Ladies, I decided to leave. SOME of My images are still up, and I will be emailing the owner about that later on, but just an FYI, I am no longer with them, but I am still doing $FriCam as usual on YIM :D
Tribute via Clipvia below !!!

New Updates are coming ….

…. soon !!!! New binge with bingeboy – the vacation of AAA, and hollywood’s big fat tribute to ME – 3k – and one of the best wanks I’ve had in YEARS. stay tuned for the juicy !

Update #4 !!!!

you have waited long enough =) Here it comes, another big pressie / tribute post !!!
Let’s start with My current favorite – My hollywood !!! This little atm bitch has been keeping Me smiling with his weekly CASH deposits straight into My bank account. I LOVE making him GO to his local branch and DEPOSIT !!! its such a pain for him, so that makes it EVEN better for ME. $4,000 in MY hot little hands !!!!! and its just going to go UP bc hollywood can’t resist !!!! <3
$1000 for ME
LOVE THIS !!!!! :D
As he said last week ” i’m so glad i finally drank the kool-aid “ :D Serving ME makes HIM happy. As it always should be ! As if that isn’t enough, he also went to Verizon and slapped down $125 for part of My cell bill ( the total bill was $425 – I guess those data roaming charges in Mexico add up ! the bill has since been put back to 0 of course.) I was going to get hair extensions with the 1k that hollywood forked over, but the stylist rescheduled and now thinking I want to get a spa procedure instead. :D yes, I think that is what I’m going to do. hehehe. how was hollywood rewarded ? with a custom voiced photoset :D was it worth it ? I bet if you ask him he will say YES. bahahhahah.
AAA aka pastyslave let Me know that TODAY is our five year anniversary !!!! I can’t even believe it has been that long ! he tried to quit Me a few times during that time and always fails ….. AAA (3/26/2011 1:08:42 PM): I just realized this…5 years ago today 3/26/06 i became of a victim of your incredible beauty and devious mind. My life has never been the same! Thank you Goddess! :: I wonder what I am going to get for MY Anniversary TRIBUTE ? HAHAHAH I’m letting that go for a few weeks anyways until he gets paid again — I raped him of $700 and then $500 last night to release his boy poison. he’s in chastity for months at a time. he was two weeks OVER DUE from his release date…so he was FULL and ready to be manipulated. he always tries to low ball Me. LOLOLOLOLOL why ? :D anyways, I’m SURE the 5 year Anniversary Tribute will be amazing. right ? YES.
tfloser came by and spent $600 on Glamworship and also $250 on that HUGE Verizon cell bill as well. he needs to get his shit together. I don’t WAIT for fuc*ers like you — its the OTHER WAY AROUND !!!! don’t msg Me with ” i’ll be out drinking tonight Goddess ” without having $$$$ with it as well, because I DONT CARE what you are doing unless its benefitting ME.
Moving on to raz. this obsessed hilarious freak !!!! he’s obsessed and can’t stop dry jerking to My images and My emails. he has little self control when it comes to the Ladies. he can be swayed like a palm tree in the wind. he dropped $400 via CASH deposit directly to My bank account and also an alertpay and also bought Me some amazing diamond hoop earrings which I LOVE, and at first when I took them out of the box I was disappointed, but then I put them on – and BLING. LOVE. he’s also done some damage on My wishlist – see below for photos of the haul.
fan turned addict spent about $400 in Tributes via Clipvia and Kinkbomb. Hotness. The New Niteflirt PPV has been selling – and so far has netted Me about $300 after NF fees. By the way – I LOVE Clipvia for Tributes ! they have the best rate out there for the Ladies. go sign up
jerkingjack … this loser cracks Me up. he sent almost $1200 for 3 customs and the rest was just because Im AWESOME ! :D hahhaha ! this loser is trying to work up the courage to have his ass beat in person by Me – he tried around My Birthmas but he chickened out. HAHHAH will he do it this time ? I’ve already let him know – it would be about 3k for as ass whooping and shopping. HAHHAH what a BITCH.
After I took the new photo set last week, I emailed bingie to give him a taste of what he was missing again after his last binge. Shortly after I got a response …. and then it took a matter of minutes to have him FALL weak to his loser knees once more. W/we will be trying a more sustainable way this time :D this is completely different than the last 5-6 years. Generally, this loser rears his loser face about 2 -3 times a year, spends and spends and then goes back into deep hiding. he almost always deletes My images and videos from his hard drive, which actually works to MY advantage, bc he always comes back and then I just make him PAY for the same shit he already had. sometimes you losers are your own worst enemy. bahahhahahah. Anyways, bingie will be servicing Me until the end of April. after that, a decision will be made to continue or have another break to go into pussyland hiding. he is NOT allowed to bolt though during this time. and if he tries, he will be slapped with the largest Release Fee ever :D and he will pay it bc he’s been programmed to do so. right bitch ? HAHHAH. So this bitch is on a weekly tribute schedule, with one pressie to be purchased a week and three bills to be paid during the rest of the month and April – he knows if he wants attention other than what I am WILLING to give out – he will pay for it like every other victim in this Empire. Also, going back to basics. DAILY email affirmations and worshiping My HOLY AMAZING BODY on his fucking weak knees where I can kick him where it hurts the most. the wallet. I know My bingie though – and being a binge boy means breaking habits that he has a hard time with. its difficult for him NOT to binge ! LOL as I write this I just got an email from him saying :
Hi, Goddess Karen,I thought I would show my devotion today with cash instead of words.
Your GreedDot number is -
xxxx xxxx xxxx xx
I hope you enjoy the tribute, Goddess Karen.
slave bingie
HAHHAHAH thanks for the $600 loser !!!!!!! HAHAHHAHAHA I’m sure this doesn’t count against your MoneyMonday Tributes bitch. in fact, I KNOW it doesn’t. Oh ! Almost forgot I had him pay My $380 electric bill as