Slave Club

On Saturday, the owner told I'm going to take me to a place. It was this almost a year for the first time I stepped out of his master's House. Car for nearly an hour, we got to the suburbs. Host an old car in the parking lot. I went with more than 10 minutes, come to an ordinary House. In front of the House is a modest little grocer, shops are a fat woman. Master the front and the woman talked about a few words, what went on to show her a piece of card. The woman looked me up and down. "Public slaves or private slaves?" A woman asked. "Personal slave. "The owner replied. "Come with me. "A woman takes us to a room in the room, let me tuoguang the clothes, I put on my neck chains and shackles, and with it a made a mark seal on my arm. Master took me through the dark aisles, in a sheltered place to find a window locked iron door. The woman opens the lock, and let us in. Behind the door is a flight of stairs, down the stairs we went to the basement. There is a spacious hall, the lights Dim. This is a sex club, I have participated in similar clubs before making slave. Club play extravagant music, hanging out on TV porn movies. Hung on the ceiling in many major iron cages, locked inside a number of naked men. Several men on stage performances, and body naked, tethered chains on him, sing dance to the music, twist the big waistline, pleasing the woman under. Woman lying beside apparatus such as whip, whipped men on stage at any time, there is that DAB of CAP, Cap Sleeve for wanted man on their own, catch can put him to step down, brought into the room next to any access to, or just let him serve in the Hall.
Often you can see some women take their male slave, or flog them, or let them lick his own body, any obscene or their actions. Not far from displayed rows shelves, top discharge with a wide range of instruments of torture, a woman next to demonstrate ways to use these instruments of torture, she lay at the foot of five or six slaves, as she demonstrates object. Any hostess interested will be able to take the instrument to deal with their own slaves. Owners don't like me being flogged to play with, so do not let me too far, led by my side. Sentence stand opposite a row of racks, bottom lock over more than 10 slaves, slaves are public. Here mistress of most of them are with their own private slave. But there are some women do not have private slaves, they just register with the bar, you can pick public slaves to enjoy. If you didn't play enough, as long as the payment of certain fees and rental may be they rented home. Our private slaves, as long as the masters like, or you can charge for the time being we as public slaves, for the exchange of other slaves. At this point, although we slaves are the most humble. However, as a private slave, or at least have access to the master's protection, but a common slave completely by anyone any play. I saw Mistress six revolves around a young slave, exhausted every means of torturing him. The slaves had been beaten black and blue, but also to non-abuse. This is what we make slaves of destiny.
But only we slaves can be truly realized by their owners abuse the pleasure and enjoyment. There is also a hostess, inclined to sit on a slave's Ninagawa body made of assembling a Chair. There is a slave to lick her feet, and one slave to lick her point. Beside her lie on a slave, she was with a whip in the hands of the slave's back. Seeing these circumstances I would have excited, JJ drastically, eager to master can she best means to me. Looking at other slaves to eat their owners obey, I would have a hungry hard to bear. Masters show I've looked around, it was called host name. Turned out to be a friend of the owner, as she turned out and the owner, Mama in a nightclub. She would often bring their own slave to master home and play with, so it can be regarded as my second masters. At this point she was sitting in a ' slave chairs ' attitude and tasteful to drink beer. The table in front of her funny, glass desktop are the two naked men, upper body leans over, tied under the table top, four legs are four table legs. My hostess went over, her while she sat down, and drag-and-one ' slave chair ', two people talking together.
Host didn't let me hang around, so I lick her feet. "Can I use your toilet?" A woman came over and asked the owner. "Yes, you want. "The master smiled and agreed. I also did not respond, the woman caught in my face, my mouth at her groin. A surge of burning holes in the urine out of straight injection into my mouth. Although there is no owner so mellow and her urine, but I am enjoying. Woman excretion after you breath a sigh of relief, satisfaction wiped the vulva on my face. "Slave to you quite good, kept for a long time?" Women finish row, ' slave chairs ' master sat on one side and chat. "Where!! less than a year, had a base, come out to play with it this time!" After a while the woman proposed exchanging slaves, the hostess came also the interest, although the woman is also very attractive, elegant, but I just prefer to master together. "My Lord, do not abandon me, I would just like to be your slave!" I begged said. "Shut up, I let you speak out? I now want to play other slaves, to take up your swap with someone, not you. You are my slave, I think on how you do, what are your qualifications against it Oh. "
"You are a slave, what training!" The woman looked at masters, shakes his head, "a dog has nothing to say, lesson on the list. "She motioned masters with a whip. Host seem a bit awkward, but smiled, LUN and kick from the skin on my face is two. "Don't you dare any hassle, you couldn't promise!" I would like to pray, now also by their owners and reinforcing one's penis, but reluctantly agreed. Owner took me over to each other, holding each other's slaves, we two slaves serve the mistress of the other party. After a while, hostess must hold that man went into the room, he gave while staring at my eye: "go back up your hard!" New owner did not take me into the room. Continue to sit and watch the slave shows, just allow me to lick her boots. After a while, she assured the waiter a hot drink. "Get up!" New owner ordered me. I wants to stand up. New owners I pulled chicken, hand-worked a few overnight into the glass. My completely exposed Glans exposure to high concentrations of alcohol, a giant pain instantly scattered body of pain. My chicken seems to be alcohol corrosion, seems to be a little bit rot. New master wine blended with my chicken in a long time to remove, and then drink the cup of wine all. "Kneel!" New master command. I knelt with his head down in front of the new owner. Master whip my back and thighs. Whip the whirr and soon leave road road, bright red blood stain on me. Thrill of suddenly being stirred up when the desire for a long time, suddenly felt unlimited enjoyment. I'm panting breath, with begging eyes looking at the new owners. "Cool?" "Great sth Great sth " "Do you want?" "I would also like to. "" I, like a dog. "" Seeking master beat me. I beg you. "" To come by. "" Ask master whipped me, I beg you, I will meet you with all my, I beg you that "at home I often find its owners, but are normally seek owner would meet me. But this time the new owner so I begged for a long time before they continue to whip me. When new masters forbade me yelling, it won't let me, asked me to peaceful enjoyment of her whip on bended knee. I just a little bit, the owner would have played a more ruthless. Whip on I have cracked skin, a pain in my determination to show reverence and forever loyal to his master. "Good!" New owner of breath. "Slaves, thanks me!" "Yes, thank you master, thank you gift of his master. "" Lick pussy for me right now. "New owners open their legs, I climb past, burying into her crotch. Masters of the new owner of b is somewhat different. Masters of labia with a thick, and very tight, so the outside looks unremarkable. While the new master of the labia minora small thin, bursting out of the red meat, with her tongue had a lovely lovely pick the clitoris, is like a blooming of flowers. However, they are full of charm of masters, exudes refreshing human urine fragrance specific to master, who deeply appreciate the owner noble and Holy. New owners let me lick her, himself a cup of wine, drink enjoy other slaves to show. Sometimes see what Coke all chortled straight smile. A, b it will emit a small amount of holy water, also continue to spring out liquid surge. We are slaves, which is a gift given by the owner, if you miss a point often brings the owner extremely severe punishment. Lick for about half an hour, new owner of a kick kick me open. "Yes, do you serve me well, I'm satisfied with. Do you want to eat? " I know, the greatest enjoyment is finally up. Master's stool and food in general are different. They are like opium, as long as a dip, we always also can't live without it. I ate her every day, but seem to always eat enough, every moment of thinking of it's taste. We therefore slaves enjoy this as the maximum.
"You want to, I want to eat. "" Your master did not teach you how to say? "" It is. Owner seeking gifts on the slave you sweet! " New owners made me lie on the ground, I sat, asshole to my mouth. New owner with a look, a large number of yellow-green discharge liquid flowing out, covering my entire face. Maybe the new owner at that time, some have loose bowels, stools are liquid Cheng, Shi liquid remains a lot to digest food. Shit liquid propagation in the ground, and soon, the ground around me there would be a big beach of stool. "Lick it up. "New owners let me lick her ass on the stool, and let me go and lick the floor. My head buried in the ground, and carefully collected stools on the ground as far as possible in your mouth. New owner deliberately trampled on the stool boots, I lick you went to lick her boots on the ground. Our actions also attracted many of the hostess stood watching. "Slaves to plug on me. "On stage, I was called mistress, the chicken into her body. Just when I feed her chicken Holy Mecca time, I feel like the one that belongs to her. I completely lose themselves. At this point I was no longer a people, I'm just tools, toys, is a master forever loyal to their owners. "Ah! slaves!" New owners took me under pressure in the body, occupied me and ravaged with crazy for me We firmly hold together sth After half an hour, I don't have any strength. New owner is not met, kick it under my desk, and two slaves continue to dry. Fully dry for an hour before ending. At this time, owners also ended, and take slaves out of the room. "Your slave is good!" Master back to the new owner of slaves and put my hand in the past. "You are, but endurance is bad. "Slaves of new owners seem to have been playing a lot of fun, holding master's feet regret. "Bitch, you want me to do?" New master was angry and LUN one leg kicked out of him on the spot a few feet away. Pointy toe stamp had a big hole in his chin, the blood of DC. The slaves at once climbed over, hold a new master's feet on my knees sth Owner did not let me down, hold my left the Club. Returned to the House, because of previous errors, the owner I was severely punished. Those three days, the owner has been my cage, nothing makes me eat it. Later, the owners often took me to the Club, I have often been change to go to another hostess. Anyway, I think this is good, even if this isn't bad for a long time. Slaves are no matter what, as long as the obedience of his master. Masters of? nothing actually pipe, although according to his own liking using slaves to meet their own is enough. Taste of sex each other with mutual attachment, only the relationship between master and slave can also taste let people get most, if both parties love each other inside, this feeling is the most beautiful in the world.






"主人,不要抛弃我,我只喜欢做你的奴隶啊!" 我央求说。