When the shadow bright ran to the door, little Yang Gang came suddenly into his bosom, and Xiao yang smiles, tender response to shadow a warm Kiss, smoothly closed the door. Full table is a hearty dish. "Good good, why are there so many, the new year. "Small poplar banter with her. "You came to see me only once a week, I have to be Chinese new year. "Shadow style ground cover with lower body in a small Dick young friction, was under his hand on his hip, and shook off his arms. Xiao yang excited to swoop up, threw her on the sofa in the Office, rude night skirt of the tear film, shadow Jiao smile, solution without weakness Xiao yang belt pants, and soon two naked, Jiao of hum and man's bestiality breathing, pervades the room. This by occurs of all, are no escape I of eyes, through straight on Hall, Cabinet below of blinds, I has been lie in inside peep, but I see of does not too clear, shadow of a section black pantyhose sets in I head Shang, only mouth of location, pantyhose Shang showed a round hole, just is mouth of size, a section Wolf-dog hybrid collar will pantyhose tightly bundle in neck between, stainless steel chains attached collar has been vertical to ground. This pair of pantyhose, shadow under Cowboys wore a whole month, did not take off to bed, because thin is said to God, so there are shadows very concentrated flavor. Sofa and small Dr jog and finally shot out of the shadows are still moaning out loud, shouted, Darling, I love you. A long time to calm. Shadow lazy couch, never fear as the small arms Yang, the Cabinet, open legs, pale white semen shines in the vulva. "You give me something I received today, is the key, do with it?" Xiao Yang said. "Gift, don't like it?" Shadow of playful asked. "Like it, I like both of you, but a key cannot be present, but are you extort me again, you get me a present will have some requirements in the past, but only one key, it's going too far. "Little Yang Huan hold shadow easily with hand teasing shadow the fullness of the breasts. Shadow also gently with your finger in the smaller Jian Yang Mei chest circle and listen to his words, suddenly break from his arms, face under the sink, the shadow is change, but it can attract Xiao yang, even though there is always a loss of feeling, often will be the film finally gained the upper hand. "What I asked you? for a year, the family you only come once a week, or even to, I just hid himself in the places the dead, you cling to the wife and kids every day, I?!?!" Shadow almost cried. Xiao Yang a little startled, then gently soothe, "you know, for kids, I could not divorce. "" I know, I let you divorced before? I just say I am very lonely. I didn't ask you anything. "Shadow was hurt. "Was I right in saying, my apologies, well, don't cry. I made up, what you say, I mean, you do have the right to any request, I promise! " Xiao yang clap chest, "but do not be culkolded to me. "His banter, smiling. "To you, did I? in addition to your Darling, I'm not going to other stinking men into my body, I will be sick. "Shadow swear" I really any requires can be? " Of course, I promise you. "" By the way, do you remember my previous boyfriend? " Shadow asked suddenly. "Remember, he's not going abroad for two years. Suddenly he do? "" You listen to me, at that time, I really liked him since his childhood and I know, that his brother, and then I saw him again, I really thought I was in love with him. "" What is that? " Xiao Yang said. "Of course I did not understand until I love only you, fool, ask while knowing the answer. "Small poplar giggle. "At that time, to love him, what I really, did you know?, he was a sadistic. "" Really! " Xiao Yang was surprised that "he looks very strong sadistic or something like that. "^ Haha, Xiao yang smiled. "No kidding, he really was metamorphosis, and even asked me to pee in his mouth, and said that you want to Lick it clean shit asshole. "Xiao Yang was smiling. "I really love him, really give him pee drinking and later, and after you, and I think he likes and dislikes, but then, I think about it is it's exciting, and at home are not prepared paper towels, Ah!" HA HA HA HA, both of them together this laugh for a mission. "Didn't you say you really like abuse of men 's, and I wouldn't like to. "Small poplar or joking. "I'm reluctant, still too late that I hurt you, and how willing to abuse you, just like his bitch I just want to abuse it. "Shadow wittingly or unwittingly have to glance at the Cabinet. "After all, when your boyfriend, well said he is a bitch. "Xiao Yang said" bitch slighted him, and he even than the cheap dog, even the toilet eating, can also work from? " Shadow his voice filled with disdain. "Or accumulate virtue under, spice girl. "" You don't know, two days before his return, with big bags came to me. "" He's looking for what you do, are separate from each other. "" He said he would be my slaves to complete, do you think this man metamorphosis is not distorted, "Xiao yang silent. "Also said he was from Germany came back failed to return home, just come to me directly, just to disappear from this world, always in the House will not go out. I began to reason that I find my favorite person. "Shadow affectionately look small Dr. "Then he too, kneel on the ground he kept kowtowing, said knock die here, and I received him as slaves. I was anxious, all his ears, to call him cheap. "" He's not happy you beat him, he is perverted. "Xiao Yang said. "Is not, however, I hit him on more than 100 in the face, I was shooting, I feel suddenly bursting in vivo for the first time, I felt like heaven. "Shadow revel said. "You have also been distorted. "Xiao Yang said," but I really liked the feeling. Later he even begged me, says he just wants to be a slave, you can serve, has come up with a chastity shorts, his locks, say in this life do not expect a sexual relationship with me, also gave me the key. "" And so on, is not the key. "Xiao Yang held out that presents key. "Is, I am afraid of you doubt that I will make another man came into my body, so the first time I send the key to your company. "" What does that mean? are you saying that he was in the House? " Xiao yang subconsciously bare shirt covered in their nakedness. Shadow did not speak, stand up to the Cabinet, it opens the door, picked up from the floor of leash, I take out of the cupboard, I have to crawl on her naked body perform to SB. 's baton. Led before Governors and small Dr. "Kneel OK, bitch. "Shadow again sat back sofa, small Dr of side, unbridled to capital punishment with double leg, left La with chains, right hand in I head a took, drink to:" hair what flicker, idiot! also does not quickly seeking seeking Dr Mr, or to you, see Dr Mr to decided to has, he says to you will you, don't, I on to you kill has, support solutions has, feed dog, anyway like you so to waste, stay in world Shang also nothing with. "I lay on hands and knees, Xiao yang kowtow" Mr Yang, have pity on me, let me stay by your side as slaves. "Shadows and a slap shot in my head," fool, still does not get called master, Mr Yang is the owner of the room in the future, I am of course hostess, says appealing points, tell the owner what are you, say how grateful you are the owner. "" I'm a talking tool, and I'm not a man, I would like to thank the owner can accept me, use me, I will spend my whole life to you and happy hostess. "I continue to kowtow. Shadow knee leg straddle with graceful on the thigh of small poplar chains gracefully overhead bypass, heels light playing in my head, and wiggle, breasts on the kneading Xiao yang PECs, stilt ass, Xiao yang semen stay down her legs. Shadow and never shake hands with iron chains, madao: "bitch, what is left to the instep, and give me lick it up, and don't waste. "I quickly through your mouth from her feet licked, until the thigh root, lick it up, while the shadow wholeheartedly twisting your body perfectly to show small Dr, its mouth with his nipples. "But .... This ... Too far, he's a big man, I.. ... Don't like him touch you. "Xiao Yang was funny and very excited, but I still say. "Dear, how can he be a man, he drank your semen, his dogs as well. "Shadows and a zipper, still don't look back, to drink:" no thank you master give you semen drinking. "I knock a header" thank you gift master semen gave me drink, I'm honored. "" You see, also known as men do, in semen drinking you gave him, he will have to kowtow to thank you. "Shadow contempt" but ... .. "" Don't be so awkward total, you will promise to my requirements, I would like to, I would like to, I would want a toy to play with, I'm so lonely, he would dare you disrespect, I'll kill him feed the dog, and anyway, no one knew where he was in the world. Okay, I promise you, waiting for me to play enough, I would have one foot kick him, please. "Shadow the spoiled" in my eyes you are the man, other dogs and pigs, in particular, this thing, dogs and pigs as well. I love you baby. "Shadow says hand lightly Xiao Yang's penis, slowly crouched down, labia rub above, Xiao yang comfortably close your eyes, look up. Film pulled chains from Dick, pull my head being dragged to Xiao yang thighs, her Dick, Xiao yang penis in my mouth, shadow penis to my mouth with your hand, and I accordingly mouth, sucking gently, in semen taste there. Xiao yang eyes, just what to say. "Love, enjoy, stop talking. "Shadow covering small Dr, mouth, wet vulva to twist the pressure in my brain got rhythm, rhythm with my mouth as she soak a small penis young. Xiao Yang was desire to go to his head and began breathing heavier, larger penis in my mouth. Film pulled my hair, rude I'm pulling back, the command "lick my asshole, bitch. "Small penis out of my mouth young bomb into her vulva. Creeping up and down with her rhythmic hips, small penis in her young body. I always tongue licking her anus sucking all the time. "Lick me and licking asshole, lick, licking, bitch. "The shadow movements are getting crazy, Dr penis out of her vagina. "Give me holding back, bitch. "Shadow impatient about it. I hastened to get her Dick, distinguished him from the side of the penis, keep it upright, and shadow pudendal can't wait to be seated, I too late to escape, she sat see stars, but no snub to continue with their mouths in her anus and vulva walk, especially when I was licking her vulva, small penis young worn pain in my lips. And off several times, I am commanded to help strengthening penis in her mouth. Xiao Yang was thoroughly excited, completely ignore me, press the shadows on the sofa, stilt up her legs, insert penis into her body and her crazy shouting: "dear, I love ... You, I love you, soon, ... Bitch was more excited by master ... To live in.. The master ... Testicle .... Lick masters,, asshole, asshole of my ... Force, the penis .... "I've got mouths quickly in their warm adhesive body walk ... ... Shadow rode to the top again, I'm still in their body, mouth serve, Xiao Yang a dull hum, then shadow a yell, orgasm, she gave up the butt, Dahe: drink!!! I know what's coming, my mouth tightly wrapped her labia, a fierce mixed with her love of urine liquid, in semen of her lover, a cluck brain into my throat ... ... Xiao yang toddler to walk next to the dining table and gobble. Her bathroom, sitting on the toilet, I knelt down in front of her, "bitch, hear me out of a stool, to knock the stool, knows why? my bowel movements than your dignity. "Boom, I kowtow, sometimes when I looked up, slapped shadow fan, then unbridled laughter. "Give me a good lick lick, asshole, through, hard, perhaps. "Shadow shit out let me lick it up, let me lick, turn round and stretch out one ' s hand slap me from time to time. Suddenly her anus, a bad smell coming in her ass, I finally had the opportunity to put your tongue deep into her anus, for her clean. Ear her chief leader paper makes me good, head against the wall, turn back and butt rub on the paper towel, wipe my mouth water. Video has half-lying on the sofa, I had to give her mouth clean and even gave her another, climax. She has a Dick I pushed her head. "Go to Dr clean, bitch. "I climbed to eat small Dr, shadow did not forget to kick my ass," hurry up! I small licked clean, lower body when young, he didn't even look at me, and continues to gobble. Seems to me licking Xiao yang-body, the shadow was excited, she went to Xiao yang side, sitting on his lap, "boredom I show you a good, right?" She is spoiled, "what?" Shadow rose from I luggage has out a a things, that is a wearing false Yang with, she skilled of Department in hip Xia, in I chastity with of behind, anal of location has a empty showed fart eye, she soon with Vaseline smudge in I anal Shang, and to themselves lumbar between of false Yang with James Shang, she hip in I hips above, slightly will leg ring up, will false Yang with of head in I anal Shang, says has a sound: "relax, base cargo. "A quite lumbar on plug has in, she supporting live I of lumbar, will hips constantly at I, I no get stop of command, continues to licking clean small Dr of penis, at this time small Dr of penis began variable large, he excited has, hand correcting live I hair, began in I mouth vertical pumping plug, I can heard body above, they in kissing of sound, soon, he a to pull penis from I mouth in, semen shot has I a face, only and sat back table edge. Video from my anus pull Dildos, and went to Xiao yang side, "Mr Yang licked clean, you get so confused and wastes. Hurry up and licked clean, you really dirty, you see your penis get so dirty I also Lick it. "I am one by one as they clean, shadow also seems to be no more fun, and fetch Enema, give me cleaning enema full 600cc, and then use a cork plug my anus, looked at me and anguished moaning in the ground, roll. "I want to look at this stupid forced masturbation showed us, give me the keys, open will be good?" Xiao Yang did not object. Soon, chastity belt has lifted, shadow was rude grabbed my penis, forced blow your for a long time, when I arrived at the edge of ejaculate, but then he stopped, I kick one leg, and went to Xiao yang side whispered a few words, they understand a smile. "Give me roll toilet, do not contaminate the ground! you this shit!" Shadow gives me a kick. I went to the bathroom near, came in they were naked, both across my face at the beginning, Xiao Yang began to caress and kiss her, they were physically strong friction. Side accept lover of loved, shadow also didn't forget has called I: "how original blind fell in love with you has, you where good? you fundamental does not deserve for people, cheap of drink people pee, to I masturbation see, fast, performances, you on distribution I took you Dang monkey playing, to I lover fun, licking he chicken BA, you what gadgets Ah, you on shouldn't health out for people, on the with a bubble urine to you drowned, I if you MOM, at that time health out on to you again plug vaginal in suffocating died, you on distribution in I vaginal in, nothing to you points urine hehe, yihou we of toilet are is you of, directly to I eat down, to you food eat, is waste! fast shot, shot Ah. "She gave me a few feet. In my moment of shooting, shadow hands pull the rope, rope attached to a Cork on my anus, I release notes, I face the two hips that are close and shoot shit pee collapse, they drop of urine in my face ... ....

















"是我说错,我道歉,好了 ,别哭阿。我弥补,有什么要求你说,我是说,你的确有权利提任何要求,我都答应你!"小杨拍拍胸脯,"不过不要给我戴绿帽阿。"他打趣,微笑着。

















































































很快,贞操带去掉了 ,影很粗鲁的揪住我的鸡巴,用力撸了半天,当我到达要射精的边缘,却突然停了,在我身上踢了一脚,走到小杨身边耳语几句,他们会意一笑。